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Current Situation Of Commercial Kitchen


In recent years, the rapid development of the domestic catering industry,air pollution in kitchen fumes is increasing, medical research has proved that the health hazard of cooking fumes is equivalent to inhaling two packs of cigarettes. In particular, the cooking habits of Chinese people who fry at high temperatures have made the human health problems caused by oil fume  pollution more and more serious.
Our Chinese government pay great attention to the prevention and treatment of air pollution.
The President Xi JinPing has stressed at the National Ecological Environmental Protection Conference in May 2018 that it is necessary to fight resolutely against pollution . “The People’s Republic of China Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law ” (revised in 2015) requires the catering industry that exhaust oil fume should install Purification Equipment and assure of its normal use, or adopt other measures to make sure of the fume exhaust reaching to the standard, and prevent the pollution to the residents nearby.  
In order to meet the huge demand for the Kitchen fume cleaning equipments,  ECOHERO have developed and produced ESP series of high-efficiency fume cleaning equipments according to the regulations and requirements from Chinese Environmental Protection Administration , which can effectively remove harmful gas , eliminate odours and completely solve the problem of air pollution.
Application Range :  The purification for fumes in hotels, restaurants and other catering industries, the purification of dining room in schools , hospitals , enterprises , and other air pollution in food processing plants.  


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